Anita Safowaa is a Content Producer and Interdisciplinary Artist of British- Ghanaian heritage based in London. 

Fatigued by the ‘watch once’ content our fast-paced world produces, Anita pushes for a shift in the way we consume media by slowing down and deep diving into topics to create thought-provoking work that lives forever in our memories.  

Continuously intrigued by the world around us, her work questions what makes us human through analysing our relationship with a range of topic matters including History, Food, Technology, Cultural Trends, Fashion, Music and The Environment. Her artistic practice explores this further by shining a light on under-documented cultural experiences which she preserves by re-imagining these moments through a range of mediums including film, reflective writing, new media technologies and installations.

Pairing an investigative approach with the art of slowing down and thinking deeply; Anita aims to create timeless work that preserves global stories, shifts perspectives and sparks conversations in the process.

Institute of Contemporary Arts London, South London Gallery, Film and Video Umbrella, eBay

2022  Chilhood.Memories.00s - Metroland Studios, UK
2021  HOME X SAINT OGUN One Year Anniversary Exhibition - HOME, UK
2020 Current Transmissions - Institute of Contemporary Arts London, UK
2019  Experiments: Leftfield & Luscious - London Short Film Festival, UK
2018  Artist Film Programme - Aesthetica Film Festival, UK
2018 Playback Festival: In association with Random Acts - Institute of Contemporary Arts London, UK

BBC Arts - ‘360-degree video offers a rare glimpse of Asante customs’
DAZED‘Watch seven short films from bold, innovative new directors’
Film London - The FLAMIN Fellowship: Anita Safowaa artist interview
Film London - Film London Masterclass: An Introduction to Artists working with Film
Creative England x Leeds Arts University - Is Freelancing For You?
Girls in Film - To Those Before Me, Film Review 


2021 ‘Alternative ways of interacting with archival materials’ - Developing Your Creative Practice - Arts Council England
2021 HOME x C4SC Black Women Artists Grant.
2020 Film London FLAMIN Fellowship
2019 BBC New Creatives
2018 STOP.PLAY.RECORD in collaboration with Channel 4’s Random Acts
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