A five-minute visceral journey pairing bass-heavy music with spellbinding performances to redefine views on culturally stigmatised dance styles originating from subcultures.

Deep inside an disused warehouse, electronic music blares out flooding the abandoned space with pulsating vibrations. There are three dancers occupying separate rooms in the building. Intimate details about the environment are slowly brought to light. As the film progresses, the tempo increases — revealing energising and hypnotic dancehall, pole, and contemporary dance performances exploring experiences of pressure,strength and endurance. As they perform, reflections of the importance of each dance style compared to its view within popular culture are heard through each performancer’s voice melting into the music. This is an important story to tell due to the stimistation, elitism and erasure that’s involved in both dance practices and music. The styles I am drawing on in this film have synonymously been frowned upon which is the case for dancehall style dancing or have had people originally related to the style erased from its history which is the case for both pole dancing and electronic/bass music. This film brings to light this narrative and gives space for these styles to tell its story.

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