Anita Safowaa is an interdisciplinary artist of British- Ghanaian heritage based in London.
Her work focusses on observing and critiquing under-documented cultural experiences and preserving them by re-imagining key moments using a range of mediums including film, reflective writing and new media technologies. Her work also aims to provide new ways of interacting with archives, personal histories and collective memory, in an immersive manner.

Safowaa’s pieces have been screened at BBC New Creatives, ICA, 2020; London Short Film Festival, 2019; Aesthetica Film Festival, 2018; Playback Festival, ICA, 2018; She Lives film screening, 2018. Her projects have also been publicised by news platforms including DAZED and London Live.

Anita also works with brands, specialising in videography, creative research and concept development


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