Childhood.Memories.00s is a collection of video complications, archival objects and interviews that recalls the joys and excitement of the Y2K era — all taking place in a tween bedroom installation. Cast your mind back to the days of music videos on MTV Base, The Sims, pink PS2s, tunes that were downloaded from Bearshare and uploaded to a pink iPod Nano, Avirex jackets, Evisu jeans, embellished miniskirts, MSN messenger - the list goes on!

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Video works exhibited: 

BABY.GAMER.VIDEO.MIX (2022), Video, 28:17 mins
Drawing on connections between sound and memory alongside the use of sound as a branding tool, BABY.GAMER.VIDEO.MIX is a compilation of music from gaming consoles like the Playstation 2 to TV and computer games of the late 90s/early 00s.

It’s A Dancing Ting (2022), Video, 26:45 mins
It’s A Dancing Ting is a video collage celebrating dance as an art form present in music videos in addition to everyday lives.

Goin’ Hard (2022), Audio, 10 mins
The rising popularity of funky house alongside student nights in the late 00s is reminsided in this sound piece through the memories of an 18 year-old Brunel University student.

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